Territory surrounds my work with the Fierce Festival archives, which are currently held at the Wolfson Centre for archival research in Birmingham. When looking in to the archives, I felt a strong connection with the ideas of communities and collectives which surround the festival. I saw the festival as a safe space, not just to share artwork but to come together with other like-minded people. This inspired me to create my own space, bringing together my own characters which reference both attendees and artists alike.  

Inspiration has also been taken from the writings of Norbert Elias, who often spoken on the theory of community. His writings explored a whole range of sociological ideas but I was particularly compelled by his text 'The Established and The Outsiders', which reflected on both the postives and negatives of being part of a community: the chance to be connected with other people through 'community pride' but also the 'group disgrace' and the risk of becoming a 'collective of robots'.