As an artist, I do not like to limit myself to one material or subject matter due to the fact I get bored easily and like to take myself on various journeys.  Taking ideas of gender and self as my basis for many of my works, my projects have spanned through politics, my ancestry, communities and childhood. They have all aided in exploring myself and my relationship to the world.  My only aim is that the viewer should make their own meaning behind the work as I believe it is up to them and not to me. Even though I sometimes tackle difficult themes, I always want my work to have elements of fun and playfulness. This often comes from my love of comedy, particularly the surreal and the absurd.
While I began my career as solely a painter, I have allowed myself to grow and discover other mediums which excite me creatively. Most recently, I have turned to sculpture as a way of expressing my ideas, particularly papier-mâché in a means to return to naivety. I enjoy the childishness of papier-mâché and the lack of pressure to make something deemed ‘perfect’. 
The view of myself is something which has become increasingly important to me. Whether it be genuine self-portraits, warped perceptions or masquerading myself as someone else. Realism isn’t something I strive for, neither beauty. I prefer things which are whimsical and slightly ridiculous, in the hope that it will make someone laugh. I am not afraid to present myself in a humorous way, whether it be dressing up as a 19th century man or taking on the guise of a fictional character. Art becomes a tool to express myself and so the process is often more important than the final outcome.  
I feel the need to collaborate with others. Whether it be through my collaborative art collective Round Lemon or various workshops, creating a community of people who enjoy making art is something which can be both exciting and educational. Working with others allows you to learn new things and experience the world in a different way. Creating alongside children in particular has allowed me to embrace my innocence and adapt my thinking. 

Solo Exhibitions
Territory – The Cupboard Gallery, April (Artist and Curator)

Group Exhibitions

Ikon For Artists - Ikon, 17th - 31st May

Fragments From Shattered People - Big Rat .Studio, 7th May

The Virus Who Came To Tea - R_is_n.Projects, 23rd March - 6th April


Body – ZEST Hall, 28th December – 28th March 2021
Earth – ZEST Hall, 28th October – 28th December
Protest for Progress – ZEST Hall, 28th June – 28th September
I AM X – Quantum Events Centre, 25th November (Artist and Curator)
Inspire – Blakesley Hall, 20th July -14th September
hyperSTEW – Centrala, 22nd-23rd May
A Series of Satirical Events – Quantum Events Centre, 19th April 


Embrace The Face - Tempest Ford Lichfield, 8th-17th March


Amalgamation, 2021

April Fish, 2021, Round Lemon

ONE, 2021, Round Lemon

Body, 2021, Round Lemon
Earth, 2020, Round Lemon
Protest for Progress, 2020, Round Lemon
Territory, 2020, Online Publication
I AM X, 2019, Online Publication
4594, 2019, Online Publication 

Selected Performances and Events

Online Artist Talk, 2021, Round Lemon 

Josiah Wilkes Graveside Performance, 2019, St Lawrence Church, Darlaston 

Josiah Wilkes Performance, 2019, The Birmingham School of Art 


Interview with Bethan Jayne, 22nd July 2020, Round Lemon

Other Appearances

Grayson Perry's Art Club Series 1, 2020, Episode 6 


Birmingham School of Art - 2021-2022 - MA Arts and Education Practices

Birmingham School of Art – 2018-2021 – BA Hons Fine Art


Instagram - @bethan.jayne_ 

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