'The Icons' is a video piece which explores ideas of online community. It was initially inspired by drag artist Sasha Velour, who often uses projections in her work to create the appearance of multiples people. The premise is that the Icons are taking part in TikTok videos, which have suddenly expanded in population. This is something that I wanted to explore after reading Norbert Elias' theories. TikTok is a popular platform in which the members can film themselves doing challenges, dances, comedy sketches and scripted pieces. The most famous TikTokers are 'The Established', the young attractive people doing dances and lipsyncs. They hold a certain sense of superiority and gossip spreads about them quickly, through the 'community grapevine' of social media and tabloid magazines. Everyone else of the app become 'The Outsiders', diverse in content and desperate to gain praise from 'The Established' in order to get to the top. My pieces focuses on 'The Established', and the way they become a 'collective of robots'; they look the same, do the same dance moves and become one.